Ring in the New Year with unlimited cashback!
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Be it travel, shopping or dining out with your loved ones, get up to 2% cashback on all your spends between 1 December 2019 and 5 January 2020.
Up to
cashback^ without
an upper limit
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SMS HSBCINT to 575750 from your registered mobile number to register for the offer.
Unlimited cashbackUnlimited cashback
Minimum spends*
to be eligible
for cashback
on domestic
on international
INR20,000 1% 2%# 1 December
2019 to
5 January 2020
International dining benefits
What’s more? Enjoy exciting deals at international restaurants
using your HSBC Visa Credit Card. View the list here.
Convenient instalment options available for this offer:
Balance conversion Balance Conversion
Loan-on-phone Loan-on-Phone
This is a cashback offer with no upper limit
This offer is not valid on HSBC Cashback Credit Card
Spends on add-on card will be considered for minimum spend value required i.e. INR20,000
*Minimum spend threshold of INR20,000 is inclusive of both domestic and international spends
#With 2% cashback on international spends, the effective mark-up fee turns out to be 1.5% only
^Click here to know more about this offer.
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