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Offer related Terms & Conditions:
1. This offer is brought to you by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, India (HSBC) and any participation in the offer is voluntary. This offer is applicable to select Resident HSBC Classic, Gold, Platinum, Advance Platinum, Co-branded and HSBC MakeMyTrip Platinum Credit Cardholders (including add-on card, if any) (hereinafter referred to as "Cardholders") to whom this communication is addressed. Add-on credit Cardholders will not have separate offer eligibility.
2. Credit Cardholders who have not repaid their minimum payment due within 30 days of their payment due date as mentioned on the credit card statement, will not be eligible for the offer.
3. This offer is valid from 1 October 2016 to 15 November 2016 (both dates inclusive). (“Offer Period”)
4. Under this offer, Cardholders will be entitled to a BookMyShow e-voucher (“Winpin Voucher”)
of 1500 upon using his / her valid HSBC Credit Card for making a minimum of 5 purchase transactions totaling to 60,000 or more during the offer period (“Offer”).
5. Cash advances, any fees/charges, cancelled, reversed and disputed transactions will not be eligible for this Offer.
6. The total value of purchase transactions will be calculated including add-on cards (if any) linked to the Primary Credit Card account eligible for the Offer.
7. If a Cardholder has multiple Cards, then the Offer is valid for all Cards individually. Transactions on multiple Cards will not be combined.
8. The Winpin Voucher will be sent to the eligible Cardholders by 31 December 2016 via SMS to the registered mobile number. In the absence of mobile number, the Winpin Voucher will be sent to the registered email ID. Only in the absence of both mobile number and email ID, the Winpin Voucher will be sent via physical letters to the registered communication address.
9. Each unique BookMyShow Code (“Winpin Voucher”) is valid for 30 days from the from the date of the communication (date of dispatch in case of SMS/Email) with the Winpin Voucher and can be used only once within this validity period.
10. The Winpin Voucher can be redeemed only on BookMyshow website/mobile app and cannot be redeemed directly at the cinema/venue box office.
11. The Winpin Voucher can be used for the purchase of tickets for Movies/Plays/Concert/Sport available on Bookmyshow, and is valid Pan India across all Cinemas/Partners associated with BookMyShow.
12. Cardholders assume ownership of the Winpin Vouchers once the same is communicated to him/her.
13. Multiple Winpin Vouchers cannot be combined in a single transaction and a single Winpin Voucher cannot be split across multiple transactions.
14. The Winpin Voucher cannot be combined with any other existing or new offer.
15. Prior to using the BookMyShow website and mobile application, the Cardholder should refer, read, understand, accept and agree to the user agreement and terms and conditions of the said website and proceed only if the Cardholder agrees to abide by the same. The Cardholder will be required to give personal information and other details online. The Cardholder should read and understand the privacy policy of the website and the mobile application prior to providing any such information. Any disclosure of information made by the Cardholder towards availing or fulfilment of the offer is at the sole discretion of the Cardholder and HSBC will not be responsible for the same. BookMyShow may use the personal information shared by the Cardholder for any other purpose (like marketing, etc.) and HSBC shall not be held liable for such usage of personal information by BookMyShow.
16. If lost/misused, Winpin Voucher(s) cannot be replaced/refunded and cannot be revalued. Void if resold, cannot be exchanged for point(s) or cash and cannot be re-validated.
Registration related Terms and Conditions:
17. To qualify for the offer, Cardholders will be required to register for the Offer using mobile number/email id registered with HSBC. Cardholder will need to register only once to qualify. However, if registration is done using mobile number/email ID which is not registered with HSBC, then such registration would not qualify for the Offer.
18. Cardholder can register for the Offer by:
a. Messaging “HSBCFEST” to 575750 or
b. Clicking on the URL link provided in communication sent by the Bank & sending the return mail
19. Cardholder can register anytime during the Offer period. Once registered, Cardholder’s transactions for the entire Offer period will be considered for the offer, irrespective of the date when he/ she has registered for the Offer. Eg. If the cardholder registers for the Offer on 13 November 2016, all the transactions from 01 October to 15 November will be considered for the offer.
General Terms & Conditions:
20. HSBC does not make any warranties or representation about the quality, merchantability or suitability of the services provided under this offer. Any dispute regarding these must be addressed by the Cardholder directly with BookMyShow.
21. HSBC will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever that may be suffered, or for any personal injury that may be suffered, as a result of participating in the offer.
22. HSBC reserves the absolute right to withdraw or alter any of the terms and conditions of the offer at any point in time without prior notice to the Cardholders. All decisions in respect of the offer shall be at the sole discretion of HSBC, and the same shall be final, binding and non-contestable. All Cardholders waive any and all rights of claim with regard to the offer against HSBC
23. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Mumbai only. The existence of a dispute, if any, shall not constitute any claim against HSBC
24. The usage of the credit card is governed by the applicable terms and conditions. Please visit for the same.
25. The offer is subject to force majeure events.
26. Tax liability, if any, will be borne by the Cardholder.
27. By participating in this offer, the Cardholders accept all the above mentioned terms and conditions in totality.
Issued by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, India. Incorporated in Hong Kong SAR with limited liability.
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